Tuduma is a UK based cloud technology company delivering enterprise-level cloud hosting and services to businesses of all sizes, within a range of complex sectors.

Our approach is to partner with our customers to listen to and understand their needs to find best-fit solutions. Those solutions are all backed by a dedicated in-house 24/7 Support Team, focused on providing a leading on-boarding experience and on-going responsive support.

When prices are cut and service automated, clients inevitably end up feeling frustrated with the lack of human support, fending for themselves and often making costly mistakes. We know that our clients want a reliable partner who can take them straight to the solution, not bore them with the detail, ensuring their current technology is fit for purpose. Tuduma MyView offers good value for money and the ability to enhance your business through the most relevant technology, supporting you every step of the way.

At Tuduma, we believe that our job is giving you the freedom to get on with yours.


“We started Tuduma to make IT easier for businesses.”

Rick Funnel Co-founder and Solutions Architect


“We’re focused on providing excellent client experiences.”

Natalie Vokes Support Manager


“Making the complicated simple.”

Arun Chaturvedula Developer


Our customers do, and can expect us, to provide the best experience possible when seeking cloud solutions, on-boarding and on-going support. We work customers with many different needs, often complex needs and legacy systems, so we ensure transitions to our solutions are uncomplicated, quick, with no interruption to your business. Our priority support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just like the origins of Tuduma, the symbiotic relationship of clouds and forests represents the way we support our customers to continue to grow and flourish, much like the clouds support the Tuduma forest.